SHREE AMBICA ENGINEERING WORKS manufacture machines without compromises in order to guarantee maximum reliability to the Customer, continuity of production, consistently high quality of STAINLESS STEEL TUBE MILL, low cost of toolings and maintenance.

Our machines are able to produce stainless steel pipe/ tube under mass production. The process of machine work, starting from flatting, forming, welding, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting, and tube unloading, can be achieved at one time. The stainless steel strips are made to go through various quality checks and are trimmed at the edges.

Product Application

Stainless Steel Tube Mill Can Make Different Type Of Stainless Pipe/Tube Which Are Round, Square, Flat Square Types. Widely Used In All Kinds Of Clothes Racks, Retractable Poles, Tables And Chair Legs, Indoor Handrails, Ship And Bus Racks, And Outdoor Guardrails, Etc.


Round Tube size range (mm)

Square tube size (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Power (kw)

AEW TM-15Ф8-Ф166×6-12×120.3-1.021
AEW TM-25Ф9.5-Ф256×6 – 20×200.6-1.524
AEW TM-40Ф12-Ф408×8 – 30×300.6-1.526
AEW TM-63Ф12-Ф638×8 – 50×500.6-2.032
AEW TM-76Ф25-Ф7620×20 – 65×650.8-2.038
AEW TM-100Ф38-Ф10030×30 – 80×801.0-3.043
AEW TM-125Ф50-Ф12500×40 – 100×1001.0-4.050
AEW TM-150Ф50-Ф15040×40 – 125×1252.0 -5.063
AEW TM-175Ф60-Ф17550×50 – 140×1403.0 – 6.0100
AEW TM-200Ф60-Ф20050×50 – 160×1603.0 -6.0115